Groundnut Oil Cake

Our groundnut cake is a versatile product that finds extensive usage as animal feed. It is specifically formulated to enhance milk yield and improve the overall health of animals. With a shelf life of 1 year, it remains fresh and effective for an extended period.

The groundnut cake’s specialty lies in its ability to contribute to the improvement of milk yield while promoting better health for animals. It serves as a valuable dietary supplement, rich in protein with levels ranging from 45% to 48% maximum. This high protein content ensures optimal nutrition for animals, supporting their growth and well-being.

Choose our groundnut cake for its proven benefits, long shelf life, and exceptional protein content. Experience the positive impact it can have on milk production and animal health, empowering your farming endeavors.
CAKE ANIMAL FEED Improves Milk Yield, Improves Health 1 Year 45%-48% MAX

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