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We procure our Groundnuts from reliable farmers who cultivate Groundnuts under most natural conditions. Further, our processing unit is certified by ISO 22000:2005, thus reflecting our sincerity in supplying BEST QUALITY PEANUTS.
Following is the groundnut manufacturing process:

Pre – Cleaner raw material machine removes the dust, stones, over size and under size Groundnut shells from the stuff. Through the mechanical process of Cyclone-1, de-stoner and Cyclone-2. Ground Shells pass through the Decorticators. They are specially made to crack the outer shells of the Groundnuts.

Decortications and Gravity Separation Process:
Decortications’ used for shelling the Groundnuts into husk and Kernels. The husks are thrown away where Kernels are screen out. The Gravity Separator is specifically meant for removing impurities and separating of a number of products with an identical particle size and distinct particles are removed from the stuff.

With the help of Hopper the waste solid materials can be discharged under gravity into a receptacle below from the groundnut Seeds.

Sorting process through Machine which removes broken, immature and inspected, spitted Groundnut seeds from the stuff. Sorting process through hand which removes spouted, discolored, other colored, damaged and splitted Seeds from the stuff.

Through the Grading & Marking process the Groundnut seeds are graded into different grades according to their size with counting their weight in Ounce. Moisture test is done to measure the level of moisture in Groundnut seeds.

Additionally, consumers are eased with the availability of varieties of Groundnut seeds hygienically packed free from external contaminants like dust, stone, hay, any metal etc. with metal detector machine and packed in the jute and Vacuum bags demanded by the customers.